Trainings programme | Teamline – Russian crew
1. Training - The Basics. Features of VIP flight attedants' profession

- Service "Lux-class" and VIP-service technology in business aviation. The art of hospitality.
- Silver service.
- Catering. Haute cuisine. Culture of serving dishes. The world gastronomy.
- Service etiquette, rules of modern etiquette, business etiquette.
- Features of free lance flight.
- Purchase of everything on a new aircraft.
Сoach - Katerina Degtyareva

2 day
2. Interaction with airport services

- Catering and Handling.
- Interaction with the crew.
- Teamwork.
Сoach - Katerina Degtyareva

1 day
3. Emergency equipment
How to use modern emergency equipment.
Сoach - Evgenia Ostrovskaya
1 day
4. Training in Psychology
Skills of effectively and efficiently communication with people of high social status: gestures, behavior, speech (practice).
Сoach - Mikhail Kamelev, Svetlana Kostina
1 day
5. Aviation Medicine

- First aid in flight.
- Your own safety at the scene.
- Methods of emergency evacuation.
- Assessment of the status of the injured.
- Help at a heart attack, burns, bleeding, respiratory arrest, cardiac arrest, drowning.
Сoach - Artyom Kharchikov

1 day
6. Sommelier Course. Degustation.
Сoach - Marina Proklova
1 day
7. Master class in make-up (practice). Image and style. Photoshoot + resume writing
Сoach - Tatyana Vorobyeva, Olga Senina
1 day
8. Food order to the board. Serving (theory, practice)
Сoach - Alla Bursova
2 day
Trainee flight
Testing. Entry into a closed club Teamline. Obtaining the certificate
Selection of job opportunuties. Employment assistance
24 hours-support for members of the club
Visiting workshops in restaurants, visiting exhibitions, presentations
Housekeeping + practice at hotel 5+