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Information for stewardess on yachts

Information for stewardess on yachts.

Education and employment of the stewardess to work on private yachts.
Teamline company enables you to enter the select circle of elite personnel stewardesses serving the

VIP-clients on super yachts. If you love to travel and want to visit the most exotic corners of the world on luxury yachts, get thrills, practical learning experience, with decent remuneration, this profession is for you. Living and working on the yachts is a unique style of life that many people only dream. On the boat you will find a small, almost family team consisting of Captain, sailor, cook and main stewardess. Experienced instructors will help you develop the necessary skills and accumulate useful experience. After the first voyage most of stewardesses become professionals. You are provided: food, accommodation and transfers.


For candidates for the stewardess on the boat offers two types of programs:

– Complete program for beginners

– Reduction program for business aviation flight attendants

The purpose of education – to make you a true professional, a master of your craft. We invite experts and specialists of the highest category. Analyzing their work, taking into account comments of graduates, we reserve the best teaching. In addition, many of our graduates say that knowledge in subjects such as medicine, ethics, psychology; service, etc. have a practical benefit for many professions, as well as in everyday life. Regardless of where and how the rest of your career these skills and knowledge will help you in solving various problems and achieve your goals. So, we strive to provide the best quality training to all of our graduates.


In contrast to the situation with business aviation, yachts develops more favorably. Despite the crisis, according to statistics, the number of contracts for the construction of new boats is growing annually by 5-7%. According to estimates, “Yachting professional organizations” in the next 5 years will be an urgent need for professionally trained stewardesses. Experience shows that as soon as you complete your first trip on a yacht and earned good reviews, further employment and career growth will depend on your desire. The issue of job search is usually relegated to the background. You will be offered a job, and you’ll choose the most suitable options.

Salaries in the industry super yachts

Salaries of stewardess in the industry start at two thousand euro per month for a beginner, three thousand euro for the main stewardess and can reach eight thousand euro. In addition, if the boat used for charter, the whole crew, as a rule, gets a solid tip comparable to the size of the salary. No commission payments and contributions from the stewardess in favor of Teamline required because the costs borne by the ship owner.