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Teamline is a recruitment agency for stewardesses for yachts and business jets:

    • Permanent job
    • Temporary job
    • Urgent flights (freelance)

Teamline – school for the flight attendance for yachts and business jets

Trainings programme

Teamline graduates successfully work in Russian and European companies. In 3 years since the company foundation around 150 people got the job. Today Teamline graduates occupy around a quarter of Russian business aviation market.

All Teamline graduates:

    1. Passed strict and multistage selection
    2. High speed of reaction and activity rate (by the results of the psychotherapeutic diagnosis, verbal and writing exams)
    3. pass a special professional training
    4. Have work experience on the business jets, Had a flight the trainer flight attendant on the aircrafts Challenger 850 and Embraer Legacy 650
    5. Have work experience for the VIP service in the best restaurants of Moscow
    6. Have a housekeeping practice in Moscow 5 star hotel
      (Lotte Hotel Moscow )
    7. Have Shengen visa, many have UK, USA, Chinese, UAE visas and second passport
    8. English level – Intermediate or higher
    9. Higher education
    10. No bad habits
    11. Attractive appearance and maintain the image
    12. Yachts trained stewardesses have passed the training on the 30 to 50 meters vessels
    13. Some graduates have STCW certificates, seaman ID
    14. Passedmedical training conducted by “Team+1”
    15. Have medical certificate
    16. All stewardesses passed the testing, oral and written examination – obtained Teamline certificate, some of the graduates have STCW certificate


Base of flight attendants

Attention! Make sure the person you are hiring has Teamline certificate.
To confirm authenticity call: +7(915)457-83-60
Also check the recommendations from the previous jobs and training centers.


Teamclub – is a closed club of flight attendants and stewardesses for the yachts, which has a unique information about the business aviation and private yachts industry. Experienced stewardesses share the knowledge with the novice colleagues within the club. Among the members of the club are also the trainers: flight safety instructors, psychologists, sommeliers, stylists, trainers on service and etiquette and many others.

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